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Advising Families Since 2004

Ellen Martin works with clients locally in Charlotte, NC and all throughout the United States from New York to California. 

About Ellen

Ellen Martin has worked as an independent college counselor since 2004. Although her college application support ranges from "soup to nuts," her favorite part is helping students write their best and most authentic essays. Parents have often remarked that, after reading the completed essays, they learned quite a bit more about what made their child tick!


At the time of application, most criteria that colleges consider are already determined. Given that many students are very similar regarding the quality of their GPAs, standardized test scores, level of course difficulty, resumés and recommendations, the essay is one of the few opportunities to distinguish themselves. Ellen feels it is fascinating and exhilarating to help facilitate students’ discovery of their unique story that they will tell in the college application essays.

For over 20 years, Ellen interviewed applicants for the University of Pennsylvania and remains an active participant in Charlotte outreach programs for highly selective colleges. She has run numerous college admissions seminar events, bringing in a variety of college experts to cover an array of topics.


She founded educational advocacy groups such as Together for Excellence At Middle Ring schools (TEAM) and served on several Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools’ oversight committees. She has appeared on television news shows and is cited as an educational source in the Charlotte Observer newspaper.


Most recently, Ellen was appointed co-chair for one of the twenty-two task forces commissioned by the Charlotte Mecklenburg School’s superintendent. Ellen graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and has a Master of Arts in Community/Organizational Psychology from Georgia State University.

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Recent Blog Posts

Ellen regularly posts about all things - ranging from college admissions to personal thoughts, ideas, and tips. Read some blogs below.

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